Thursday, September 27, 2007


Years pass   in a flurry too swift
slow down!   mustn't hurry too swift

lifetimes   are disposable things?
bodies   people bury too swift!

fifty   and a bachelor as yet
this round   didn't marry too swift

decades   to the office I'd ride
jobless   I'll not worry too swift

fencing   seems a hazardous sport
worsted   if you parry too swift

sentence   with deliberate pause
dubious   if the jury's too swift

listen!   accidental is nice!
found sounds   blend a curry (too) swift

dying   is traumatic like birth
fleeing   as Time's quarry too swift

poems   fill a billion tomes!
arms crack   if you carry too swift

fruitless   chanting Raphael's verse!
life's a   bowl of cherries too swift

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