Tuesday, September 18, 2007


"at once"

Novel vistas & old problems   both may emerge at once
where a dozen lines of evidence   can converge at once

doesn't slowness of the cosmos   demonstrate royal pace?
yet that tidal wave is marvelous   that can surge at once

are we frugal or too profligate?   are we flush or broke?
it's pathetic when the abstemious   will splurge at once

what if rustling leaves grow still?   they'll surely resume anon
laughter dies   the lights go dim?   there's rarely a dirge at once

the impression of a road   inspires the wayward foot
facing trackless ground do pilgrims   summon the courage at once?

Raphael would seem ambitious   but does he over-reach?
where's the critic who's both actor &   dramaturge at once?

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