Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ghazal ("this heartbreaking world")

That blooming is life's deep need   we see
the flower hides in the seed   we see

the cycle of action is   dogged indeed!
each consequence tails its deed   we see

whatever the hand of God inscribes
that story all eyes will read   we see

wherever you run   you match what step
pure destiny has decreed   we see

wherever you tug   it's you who're pulled!
all follow who seem to lead   we see

this heartbreaking world finds Raphael
now laughing   now prone to bleed   we see

who knows when the vanishing hour may knell?
time's arrows show deathly speed   we see

true loving is practiced breath-by-breath
as notes on the flute of reed   we see

the fortunate slave contentment feels
sans loving   no soul is freed   we see

that Raphael's heart depends on you
that thick-headed fool's agreed   we see

one glory alone (life's aims else dross)
he died as your real mureed   we see

bring prayers to the grave of Raphael
God favors the kindly deed   we see

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