Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"in distant shadows"

Out of a web of words   I weave my poem
unto the sphere of forms   I leave my poem

wasn't I born   desiring to love you?
when I've expired   will you believe my poem?

still I expect we'll meet   in distant shadows
close to your thought   I yet conceive my poem

throughout a cosmic hide-&-seek   souls journey
why should a fraught adventure   grieve my poem?

those who have gambled much   may lose their marbles
do you observe the rules   who thieve my poem?

didn't the leaves of grass   fly flags of wonder?
fresheting ink of dard!   you peeve my poem!

while I yet breathe   my poetry blooms & changes!
when I'm no more   will this bereave my poem?

into my felt beret   I've stuffed my novel
sauntering toward the cafe   I sleeve my poem

babbling thus   grew Raphael demented?
who'll from disordered heaps   retrieve my poem?

still you're alive!   but fail to make a garden?
how Raphael   will you achieve my poem?

[dard (Urdu): pain, spiritual anguish]

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