Sunday, November 9, 2014

"The art of the quip" [boomerang poem]

Is the art of the quip now an infobahn talent?  I guess
yet its long antecedents trace back  to an ancient salon
picture please Oscar Wilde as Twitterer!  would he express
those incisive bon-mots & touchés  from sundown until dawn?
granting much one espies on the internet  merits a yawn
there's a smidgeon inspiring deep thought (not so fleetingly)  yes? 

on the chessboard of fate   am I cast as a quip-equipped pawn
with the art of the quip now an infobahn talent?  I guess

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Majnun's November Soliloquy [sonnet]

Can I pass a whole week   not seeing mashooq?
how many days flee   without her lilting voice?

O gentle voice   yet puissant & determined
O delicate form   yet strong & curvaceous

am I a mere cipher   in her dreamlife equation?
or could I hold for her   the frisson of a lover?
are my warblings too copious?  my hairs too gray?
my poetry too ponderous?  my heart too fraught?

do I spawn too many puzzles   all the while destiny
lightly laughs in the face of the cliché of human folly?
do I set myself up   for lugubrious dark footpaths

blindsided by absurdity   & an unrequited love?

O does my rhymeless sonnet   lack balance & reason?
so dazed & senseless   in entanglements of ishq

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Learning to love you" [villanelle]

Am I learning to love you day by day my friend?
might I cherish you in the stillness of my heart?
is our tale of timeless love without an end?

you discovered me by strange happenstance!  we wend
an ineffable circuit   tracing part by part
am I starting to love you day by day my friend?

though my poems be vague & paltry  let me send
darkling ringlets of thought   till ringing words impart
such a tale of timeless love as knows no end

didn't Hafez intone   the heartbreak of the rend?
didn't Rumi each lambent round of longing chart?
am I growing to love you day by day my friend?

when our life meets with signs & portents  that portend
beauty's arrows let loose   like cupid's poison dart
is our tale of timeless love without an end?

in this universe   who'll say what's comin' 'round the bend?
in this dream   who sees what's the horse  & where's the cart?

if I'm learning to love you day by day my friend
could our tale of love flow on without an end?

[line 10: "the rend" = the lover]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

clueless in paradise [gatha]

Being so simple   I'm easily astonished
being so clueless   I'm handily beguiled
in my defense   (as scriptures have admonished)
paradise comes   when you become a child

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunrise Ceremony [sonnet]

What if I should write a quaint poem worthy of you?
would the world survive the astonishment of its lines?

what if each unpredicted phrase shone deep & true
would you instantly grasp what heart flirts in its signs?

O but what should the poem declare? might it extoll
how pure happiness in the curve your smile resides?
ought the verse proceed to bewail your injured toe?
might it recollect the gentle wash of Malibu tides?

say we dawdle beside a salt wave that astounds us

can our words nab the exactitude of its grace?
when a universe boasting cotton clouds surrounds us
& in this world what if I glimpse the ravishing face

of a love whom I can address in inadequate lines?
the benighted soul for such perfect poetry pines