Thursday, March 18, 2010

elegy for a Chennai wasp

r.i.p. oh such a mad wasp
did Sharanya drive you crazy?
no one judges you a bad wasp
we've no cause to call you lazy
but your grip was worse than hazy!
on your tomb: "here lies one sad wasp
thought a damsel was a daisy
ergo swatted-by-her-dad wasp"


for Sharanya Manivannan, memorializing her experience (as relayed initially in a Facebook status message).

Lately I seem more inclined to post witty ditties here, than "serious poetry". :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversation with a Fish

The fish was held aloft by the curl of smoke
the lady looked at the creature eye-to-eye
quoth lady "life at times seems quite the joke"
"it's a dreamy sea of tears" did the fish reply

The fish was held aloft as the ash grew long
ash dangling from the lady's fine cigar
quoth lady "life at times seems a lucid song"
"like a fish that needs" (quoth fish) "a racing car"

The fish was held aloft -- who can tell me why?
did it have a peculiar secret to express?
"the world's a spoof" quoth fish with sober eye
quoth lady "life is a no in search of yes"

(an impromptu for Nitoo Das)

Occasioned by a photograph (posted on Facebook)