Thursday, May 26, 2011

"the stars I pocketed"   [song]

I should've brought sun home with me
I ought've packed moon in my tote
the stars I pocketed would be
considerably less remote
    at least I've got rain in my shoes
    & clouds enough to croon the blues

I might've stashed yon sylvan stream
within my knapsack just for you
I could've pocketed pure dream
commingled with crystaline dew
    at least I've lodged truth in my cap
    with oceans' fantasy on tap

"maybe October"   [boomerang poem]

If not May   well maybe October
      I'll meet you 'round the bend
if not sauced   well maybe I'm sober
      the world is sure to end

      to greet the timeless Friend
I & thou (as quoth Martin Buber)
      apolcalypse-ward wend
if not May   well maybe October

Responsive to article An Autumn Date for the Apocalypse (New York Times)

"the Picasso cure"   [boomerang poem]

I tried the Picasso cure
I joined the Monet religion
I loved the Cézanne philosophy
yet all of these lacked precision

I browsed the DaVinci code
I crooned the Brancusi ode
when everything seemed a'blur
I tried the Picasso cure

Responsive to article Can a Picasso Cure You? (New York Times)
image:   Pablo Picasso, Woman With a Flower (1932)

Monday, May 23, 2011

"already Wikipedia'd"   [ditty]

While already Wikipedia'd
and now otherwise largely forgotten
the Rapture if multimedia'd
would a myriad clicks have begotten

[click on image, for full view of associated photograph]
Source -- vide: Judgement Day 21 May 2011 [Wikipedia]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"One day before the world ends"   [villanelle]

One day before the world ends
I celebrate my birth
as noted by Facebook friends

is there scope to make amends
this season on the Earth
one day before the world ends?

might backwaters' arcane blends
hold universal worth
as noted by Facebook friends?

the well-adjusted branch bends
may we now sway with mirth
one day before the world ends?

before the high thought descends
heart finds a time of dearth
as noted by Facebook friends

whatever heaven forfends
escapes the faithful Tirth
one day before the world ends
as noted by Facebook friends

Tirth [Hindi]: Pilgrim

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture   [rubai / ditty]

The news has been slow to reach me
when Rapturites go who'll teach me?
let's download the iPhone app now
HeavenGPS is chichi

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fortune Cookie (After Hafez)

  | The universe and its activity | all naught into naught comprise |
  | a myriad times I've the veracity | of this proved with mine own eyes |

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

philosophical inquiry   [ditty]

When make it new grows old
might make it old grow new?
where piping hot gets cold
a microwave might do?

with mediocrity
as occult destination
should laws of enthalpy
eclipse imagination?

for Ron Silliman

"a mute amen"   [boomerang poem]

The birds still cry   the leafage still grows green
no matter what transpires   in realms of men
the taste of my cigar   remains yet keen
the sounds of passing cars   yet in my ken

I jot these lines   by mobile not with pen
whether I write   with brain or heart or spleen
the letters constitute   a mute amen
the birds still cry   the leafage still grows green

Elves & Selves   [rubai / ditty]

What oodles of elves
all stacked on the shelves!
O such is the plight
of Gemini selves

one elf all alone
forever is known!
O such is the luck
the Taureans own

"dim stars"   [rubai]

The moon was shining bright
but now the sun's bright light
dims cool nocturnal views
dim stars no more in sight

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"are there lands?"   [gatha]

The music of Bach takes us back to a wordless joy
the music of Chopin describes a poetic thought
are there lands beyond time's great sea? who'll exclaim Ahoy?
are there answers inside the questions? or are there not!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

questions   [gatha]

Must the days pass thus in struggle & confusion?
is there nothing real behind the play of seeming?
is my scope of observation mere illusion?
is there life beyond this realm of idle dreaming?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mysteries of Liking   [rubai]

A friend’s Facebook newsfeed allows she “likes” Melanoma
for cross-comment I went to interview twain gentlemen of Verona
quoth the one: “She likes the page, not the thing itself! duh!”
quoth the other: “’Tis a typo! Meseems she meant Café Roma!”