Friday, November 30, 2012

The Investigation

The investigation of a mirror
is a difficult thing to do
our faults appear so much clearer
when ascribed to a sinister "you"

The Blue Bus

When the blue bus rode the road
and the quest for masts was on
in his blue mobile abode
dwelt the whimsical God-Man

when the blue bus traveled far
and the quest for masts grew fierce
from his bus this Avatar
could adjust the cosmic gears

when the blue bus moved around
and the hunt form masts ran deep
bus-borne Meher spoke no sound
wide awake amid deep sleep

now it rests on bricks museumed
like an artifact blue-dreamed

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

form & function

If the satirical (like the lyrical)
renders spherical the empirical

then what?  for is the ludicrous aim
merely to ace or erase the game?

where thought grows circular & vehicular
we sense the absolute in the particular

yet as a vehicle toward what arrival?
or is the cosmos tragically archival?

or should a happy ending shift the gears
redeeming all the vanished days & years?

"Tea with Nefertiti"

Tea with Nefertiti
could seem anachronistic
Beets with Warren Beatty
is plausibly wholistic
Chips with Mr. Chips?
best with redundant dips

Friday, November 23, 2012


When thumb hits the touch screen
dust of white
from my father's ashes

this tracery
this poetry
remembering him

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cosmic Dress Rehearsal

Whether song without words
or an authorless verse
like the sky with its birds
we're inclined to rehearse

Semicolon walks into a bar; what's up about that?

So the semicolon equivocates?
one lingers while it discreetly waits
it lets you (mid-sentence) pause & think
like double-faced Janus over a drink
both formal & quite meditational
too slow for the micro-durational!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Father's Diwali


Diwali -- light's renascent festival
occurs just as the world heads into shadow!

it celebrates the victory of Raama
and his   and his beloved's   journey home

via an ancient (so they tell us) aircraft
a happy ending of the endless tale

if later things untoward might unfold
this celebration's flush yet gleams in gold


Is this (mere days beyond his birthday) when
my father's spirit joins its larger frame?

enmeshed in some deep fiction of the self
that bleeds into creation's lucent plane?

Diwali (Dipavali)!    wicks afloat
in tiny craft on Hindustani streams

in life we come & go not glimpsing how
nor why!   what eddies swirl beyond the bow?


Post-memorial   [momento mori]

I resolve to lead
     a respnsible life
         a caring life
             & a beautiful life

this is the need
     & this the road
         that beckons me
             into the future