Monday, November 12, 2012

My Father's Diwali


Diwali -- light's renascent festival
occurs just as the world heads into shadow!

it celebrates the victory of Raama
and his   and his beloved's   journey home

via an ancient (so they tell us) aircraft
a happy ending of the endless tale

if later things untoward might unfold
this celebration's flush yet gleams in gold


Is this (mere days beyond his birthday) when
my father's spirit joins its larger frame?

enmeshed in some deep fiction of the self
that bleeds into creation's lucent plane?

Diwali (Dipavali)!    wicks afloat
in tiny craft on Hindustani streams

in life we come & go not glimpsing how
nor why!   what eddies swirl beyond the bow?


1 comment:

siddav said...

Very beautiful, my friend.