Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Superfast Old & Natural Technology:
A New Year's Eve Sonner for my Parents

If I would send a letter to my parents
to greet them once again at this new year
might it be carried on the lilting currents
that wisp around the universe?  I hear
the heart & mind are everywhere! no matter
what region of existence one abides in
what lingo one employs for idle patter
what deity one pictures & confides in
the wish or prayer or letter one dispatches
employing one's own heart-mind for the task
flies swift as thought & without error latches
into the loved one's mailbox      we ask
a natural thing when sending our hello
compared with this the internet is slow

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sam & Betty at Summer Camp [sonnet]

When both your parents pass away
within three years of one another
and then another year passes and
it's holiday time & nearly the
new year thoughts might turn
to the afterlife what's it like?

the idea that comes to mind is
it's as if they're off at a new
summer camp even if what's going
on underneath is processing the
experience of the life just past
this happens as it does for us

in dreams through the semblance
of being somewhere doing something
and so they're actually very busy!
a lot of activities (veiled forms
of the one activity) review process
eke out a mite of wisdom from the

long narrative of days of being an
embodied being with a name on earth