Sunday, November 9, 2014

"The art of the quip" [boomerang poem]

Is the art of the quip now an infobahn talent?  I guess
yet its long antecedents trace back  to an ancient salon
picture please Oscar Wilde as Twitterer!  would he express
those incisive bon-mots & touchés  from sundown until dawn?
granting much one espies on the internet  merits a yawn
there's a smidgeon inspiring deep thought (not so fleetingly)  yes? 

on the chessboard of fate   am I cast as a quip-equipped pawn
with the art of the quip now an infobahn talent?  I guess

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Majnun's November Soliloquy [sonnet]

Can I pass a whole week   not seeing mashooq?
how many days flee   without her lilting voice?

O gentle voice   yet puissant & determined
O delicate form   yet strong & curvaceous

am I a mere cipher   in her dreamlife equation?
or could I hold for her   the frisson of a lover?
are my warblings too copious?  my hairs too gray?
my poetry too ponderous?  my heart too fraught?

do I spawn too many puzzles   all the while destiny
lightly laughs in the face of the cliché of human folly?
do I set myself up   for lugubrious dark footpaths

blindsided by absurdity   & an unrequited love?

O does my rhymeless sonnet   lack balance & reason?
so dazed & senseless   in entanglements of ishq