Tuesday, September 25, 2007


"a story"

Every pebble on the road   must have a story
every bomb prone to explode   must have a story

there could be no kiss without a lover's narrative
every prince within a toad   must have a story

when you weed out every tale from the garden
how you're carting off that load   must have a story

when the trees are gone   & paper finds no echo
in the silence hides a code that   has a story

figures carved upon an urn   at first seem decorative
when you listen to the ode   they have a story

both the senator & sandwich-maker serve life
both the pie & a-la-mode   must have a story

every venture stands amid success & failure
strands of destiny forebode?   each hides a story

there's an origin   to every hill & river
how our histories erode   involves a story

every stranger whom you meet   requires your data!
doesn't software you download   extract a story?

whether ludicrous or tragic   most are lost!
yet each seed the farmer sowed   could sprout a story

the protagonist's exploits grow incoherent?
every change of an abode   conveys a story

why is Raphael enamored of   old minstrelsy?
how the dying candle glowed   must have a story