Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"a voice"

Utter a statement   when you've got   a voice!
what is the statement   when there's not   a voice?

fresh from the market   many wares   you've nabbed
even a face! but   have you bought   a voice?

friends will admonish   whisper soft!   the fruit
softens when sweet! would   softness rot   a voice?

poetry's not just   playfulness!   for what
is it that renders   thick the plot?   a voice

writing is childsplay!   why not mount   the stage?
here's where you use   to prove each jot   a voice

cello & vina     violin   sitar
what to these strings its   beauty taught?   a voice

when we were prodding   Raphael   "recite!"
clear as a mountain bell   he brought   a voice

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