Friday, September 28, 2007


"my lines"

I sat in a nook for years   & jotted my lines
ecstatic if wind & tears   had rotted my lines!
I wandered in rain & sun   and rarely I slept
too bad if nor waves nor piers   unclotted my lines!
the eyes of beautiful women   nurtured my dream
the violence of their lashes   dotted my lines
their globes sufficed for religion   heaven & earth
were charting my course   at times I shouted my lines
the clouds and branches became my cinema screen!
who cared if no literatus   spotted my lines?
abandon served for a credo   strife a refrain
alas if hints of ill manner   snotted my lines!
some days   a heavenly thought inspired my pen
some nights   a desolate feeling naughted my lines
distrusting rational speech   I preferred to croon
a caffeine-nicotine frenzy   plotted my lines
ornate casinos   accepted my gambling mood
in glib Mayavic machines   I slotted my lines
my poems came out as flowers   bees   & moonbeams
as ants they crawled   as flies   I swatted my lines
I loathed publication   & loved to grind my ink
lauding the muse   her glimmer alloted my lines
what did we seek? transformation   many expired
an obscure naive mirage   besotted my lines
enough!   the garrulous fantasy swoops & fades
I've meanwhile pruned & watered   & potted my lines
old Raphael!   you were simply passing the years?
I sought unwinding   yet something knotted my lines

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