Monday, September 24, 2007


"all we seek"

Just to love you   is all that I desire
what but loving   comprises my desire?

in this world where   ten thousand aims arise
what's their ultimate basis?   why desire?

primrose byways of transport   draw the mind
what distinguishes low from   high desire?

such specific   impressions swathe the soul!
coffee socials   but what of chai desire?

repetition   emdemic to each ethos! --
some find solace   in apple pie desire

who at dawn   would invite desire to bloom
were at dusk   heard to murmur "die desire!"

is the hero   the one who wins the girl?
Buddhist victors (I'm told)   defy desire

recognition   which human nature craves
seems a key   that may underlie desire

in the meadow   where creatures gather life
lilies blossom   when breezes sigh "desire"

meditation   requires a private eye
at the crime scene   did you espy desire?

consciousness spreads its cloth without a crease
fresh emerging   when we untie desire

the beloved   embodies all we seek!
resolution   both ear & eye desire

never yet   has my heart's desire been met!
on life's tablet she scribbled   "fie desire!"

Raphael!   as your nature grows refined
you'll laugh off   vapid ghosts who cry "desire!"

those inclined toward   a literary bent
for ironic conceits   show wry desire

the ascetic   who seeks to merge with God
bathes in rivers   maintaining dry desire

apathetic   in end may grow what mind
pondering fretwork   of those who ply desire?

through the shawl of   a January mood
does there furtively glance   July desire?

every color   reveals a differing need
can dispassion   deftly apply desire?

each appendage   a microcosmic zone
arm conception   may balance thigh desire

pithy sayings   suggest protracted thought
flippant feelings   often belie desire

in the discourse   philosophers propound
are the quatrains they cite   anti-desire?

when the wheel of rebirth   is spinning swift
there's a blurring   of girl- & guy-desire

the salubrious grape brings earth's delight
risky whiskey   conveying rye desire

all were sleeping   in summer's heavy torpor
still some shadow   sheltered a sly desire

in the market   you thought to sell your verse?
"dime a dozen!"   but who will buy desire?

all the lanes of the world play theatre's ruse
hello lamp-post!   alas! goodbye desire!

who'll deliver   my screed to Raphael?
bring crisp paper   and I'll supply desire!

every joy is   a fruit of love & patience
flowers blossom   though stems deny desire

limning poems & paintings   artists blush
when they seek to depict   her shy desire

all the books in the world   display one ink
all the fates in the stars   imply desire

this creation   whose genesis is dark! --
ask your question   and I'll reply "desire"

were you seeking   the wisdom of the east?
Raphael! you were hoodwinked by   desire

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