Friday, September 28, 2007



Some dawns may afford a chance   to feel the world anew
some pirouettes in the dance   reveal the world anew

the puzzle of our existence   dangles from what thread?
the pressures of happenstance   unreel the world anew

if you are a dark enigma   what will light our way?
can joy hidden in your glance   not heal the world anew?

you set us spinning   uncertain which way's up or down!
while truing our course   you yet unkeel the world anew!

so brisk is the play of time!   so glib the luck of draw
no sooner we fold   again you deal the world anew

I wanted to dive in poetry   that mountain pool
to chill-out my mind   and re-congeal the world anew

I said   "where the raindrops turn to pearls   I'll wend my way
I'll gather from fruitful chance   what peels the world anew!"

I sought Raphael   imploring him to share song's lore
he laughed at my young romance   "you'd steal the world anew?"

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