Saturday, September 29, 2007

ghazal for professor Vasudev

"desperate for poetry"

Desperate for poetry   citizens jog at dawn
barking for poetry   bright as a dog at dawn
pining for poetry   see how they squander fortunes!
mining for poems in Philly or Prague   at dawn
diving from corporate ladders in suicide pacts
landing in clusters like Gog & Magog   at dawn
woozy with language   heady with fine semantics
slumbering   sauced in poesy's grog   at dawn
passing their evenings   heeding Parisian chanson
they blearily forage through Frisco fog   at dawn
hitch-hikers scouring Europe or Asia   scribble
dispatches emailed as "poem-in-prog   at dawn"
somewhere in Ladakh   a poet awakes & types!
another emerges   in Beijing smog at dawn
urban poets congeal   amid parks & alleys
rustics   running the rapids   clog at dawn
one   in Morocco   is pondering rune & quibla
one through the Kerala forest must slog   at dawn
hearkening bulbul & koel   by hour & season
halted by cricket in evening & frog   at dawn
crashing in tent or verandah   crazed for syntax
piling up verses like Lincoln logs   at dawn
Raphael's stunned in the midst of this plangent mayhem
posting anon to his poetry blog   at dawn

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