Saturday, September 22, 2007

ghazal for Modigliani

(writing after a painting)

Say I sit a while   for Modi
not exactly smile   for Modi

like the other girls who come here
all become a style   for Modi

does the chair feel rough & wooden?
would one walk a mile   for Modi?

in the dark blue of my garment
feelings reconcile   for Modi

what one is   gets re-invented
there's but little bile   in Modi

why don't dealers come & visit?
do no patrons dial   for Modi?

simply being here   proves pleasant
drinking chamomile   with Modi

will the colors of   your palette
grow sweetly purile   for Modi?

his simplicity's   deceptive!
there's both Seine & Nile   in Modi!

what he loves   who else would notice?
how the world beguiles   our Modi!

in this cold room   with its dim light
I'm in exile   like Modi

Raphael!   leave off your jotting
poetry is vile   for Modi!

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