Monday, September 10, 2007

ghazal ("via the mesh")

I seek you via the mesh of roads   circuitously
unsure what such a dream-march forebodes   circuitously

O you long-hidden in shadowlands! we're scouting you out!
transporting ludicrous varied loads   circuitously

farewells & sudden hellos comprise our commonplace lot
the usual wistfulness implodes   circuitously

where poets literally listen for   dawn's lyrical birds
might nature pilfer the poet's odes   circuitously?

big thoughts if put in small packages   as language breathes
each breath unravels a dozen modes   circuitously

the vina & the sarangi tell   a tenebrous tale
both birth & death will unwind their codes   circuitously

the breeze prefigures God's mercy as the branches describe
trajectories of adjusting nodes   circuitously

who says Raphael but shows himself cold-hearted if he
must seek your face in far-flung abodes   circuitously?

should destiny kindly lend a hand to old Raphael
he'll touch your sandal at each crossroads   circuitously

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