Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Song ("Nothing but you") (more or less ghazal)

When I look into the sky   I see nothing but you
when I gaze into your eye   there is nothing not you

though the day is long & weary   and the night shows not an end
though I live or though I die   I see nothing but you

in the market of the merchant   where the price of pearls is high
what I sell & what I buy   contains nothing but you

in the stream of limpid water   when the fish is running free
when the bird begins to fly   I see nothing but you

in the city with its hubbub   every car must honk its horn
red or green though I espy   I see nothing but you

Raphael   the thought you utter   is a thing too plain to speak
even though your lips may lie   I hear nothing not true


song composed Monday morning (29 Oct.), to a melody in raag Bhairavi; and sung (with surpeti drone) as a concluding item in the reading I gave in evening of the same day, at the Opus Lounge, Vasant Vihar, Delhi -- an enjoyable event organized by Delhi Poetree.

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Zorba said...

and i clearly remember it as the best part of the evening!

thanks. once more.