Wednesday, October 3, 2007



That you might yet exist   seems strange to think of!
I'm long since lost in wist   no change to think of
ten thousand delicate songs   I've thrown away!
where seas are made from mist   there's range to think of
you were the one   whose hide-&-seek intrigued us!
there's still your stock-in-trade exchange   to think of
don't dawn & dusk   illuminate your enigma?
who mention seas   have quite a plunge to think of!
what if world & faith are premised   on unknowables?
life sans the hope of you   I cringe to think of
the Buddha's sarvo dukham   sounded so general
among life's maladies   there's mange to think of
who've pondered everything   except the beloved
might yet her fragrant tress   arrange to think of
for Raphael   let's wait on sending condolences --
not death yet (just a bit deranged)   to think of


sarvo dukham [Skt.]: "everything is suffering"

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