Saturday, October 13, 2007


The one one seeks   isn't precisely anywhere
till silence speaks   how may its voice be anywhere?

the days & weeks   flee!   in a trice are seasons gone
time vanishes   when you would kiss me   anywhere

I leave your house   hoping to find   the road to you!
without your hint   none will apprise me   anywhere

the benefits flowing from you   are mysteries
mere catalogues   rarely entice me anywhere

pursuing you   how could one look for wide acclaim?
your narrow eyes   strictly suffice me   anywhere

now here now gone!   poets endure your fickle whims
figure of grace!   prithee reprise me   anywhere

one struggles on   stories are gained from journeying
while bread-crumb trails   threaten to lose me anywhere

around your board   myriads of eyes are looking on
the dice you toss   always surprise me   anywhere

complaints emerge   whispering in autumnal wind
soft petals might   spring to amuse me anywhere

thin paper boats   entering the stream of asking "when?"
some villager   already knows me   anywhere

the thought of you   serves for the soul as food & drink
your fragrant words   waft in to sauce me   anywhere

a hundred songs   strive to describe your simple ways
unknowables   solely arouse me   anywhere

a settled life   seems like a modest aim to seek --
horizon smiles   quietly craze me   anywhere

won't Raphael   finally begin to feel your breeze?
the rustling leaves   really amaze me   anywhere

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