Thursday, October 4, 2007


"honeyed textures of reflection"

Is poetry no more than   talking to oneself?
what's on the yonder shore of   talking to oneself?

does art purvey the lore of   talking to oneself?
might psyches suffer gore in   talking to oneself?

the mobile phone lets each pedestrian   unleash
loghorrea galore! like   talking to oneself

does dance portray self or another?   can painting
crack wide the dim door of   talking to oneself?

diplomatically   somebody's sent to negotiate
a quiet civil war of   talking to oneself

where one may adore honeyed textures of reflection
some antsily abhor this   talking to oneself

since language self-propagates   you'd better beware!
is literature the spore of   talking to oneself?

old Proust made a name   in recalling his callowest
emotions   brill or bore for   talking to oneself?

rich idyll of the world!   fond tale of the home!
what storied stories pour from   talking to oneself!

what is the self? a figure on the wall of the mind
whose mind?   go search the core of   talking to oneself!

what's interesting?   ah! the objective subjective
dive deep   or be a boor just   talking to oneself

when the chessman says "check!" does his self reply "checkmate!"?
the golfer shouts "fore!" when   talking to himself

some ponder the silence   and search for its music
some mention the roar of   talking to oneself

isn't it high time we begged Raphael   to initiate
colloquey?   no more this   talking to oneself!

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