Thursday, October 4, 2007

ghazal ("in the market of now")

Another blank sheet of paper wants   a fresh idea
another night with its crickets daunts   a fresh idea

the gatherer with his basket hunts   a fresh idea
the epicure in its absence grunts   "a fresh idea!"

foundations seek to support with grants   a fresh idea
the fearsome slugger's surprise? he bunts   a fresh idea

the actor's wrinkling brows evince   a fresh idea
some look to China   some seek from France   a fresh idea

the youngster yearns to experience   the unknown world
alert for   whether from peers or aunts   a fresh idea

the correspondent who likes to tell tall tales   finds
confirmed   in the "LOL" response   a fresh idea

from such a corner   who dreamed there should arise anon
from underneath the hat of the dunce   a fresh idea?

it's said that Einstein was bad at math   yet shook the world
his publication I'm told propounds   a fresh idea

could ancient wisdom be found today   through rote or rite?
antiquity had for provenance   a fresh idea

the weltanschauuang of the circus   is banal perhaps
yet clever clowns show amid their stunts   a fresh idea

the pleasantries of the social world   sketch human cheer
the maladroit conversation blunts   a fresh idea

the courtroom's hushed when the gavel pounds   the sentence from
the poet-jurist   will it pronounce   a fresh idea?

tradition's frenzy self-replicates   while fashion's ruse
seeks from familiar elements   a fresh idea

the flower trade is so delicate!   its bloom fades fast
the stone shop's wares needn't run avant   a fresh idea

the monk who journeyed in search of scriptures   sought your trace
"truth can't be written!" the tale recounts   a fresh idea

too high regard for mere novelty   while ludicrous
yet in the market of now   what counts?   a fresh idea

in wilderness   didn't Kalidas find sustenance?
with freshets drawing through sylvan mounts   a fresh idea

the one for whom every line I scrawl   remains unseen
time's scroll with its star-procession taunts   a fresh idea

eternal seas far beyond my ken   surge beckoning
each beckon gleams like a wave that prints   a fresh idea

the sands of mind show to Raphael   a thousand forms
each pounding wave divvies out an ounce   a fresh idea!

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