Monday, October 15, 2007


Experiments may be conducted   in isolation
diseases are never contracted   in isolation

the life of the world is collective   like puzzle pieces
each scene of the play though enacted   in isolation

each day of the life is a question   awaiting answer
experience must be dissected   in isolation

sitar doesn't emulate Western   orchestral music
the voice gets completely perfected   in isolation

a million droplets are seeking   to reach the ocean
each dot on the pane is rejected   in isolation

solutions are finally reported   in public briefings
the clues of the crime were detected   in isolation

the thread running throughout the ghazal   is strong confusion!
bewilderment's pearls are inspected   in isolation

we seek you in every desire   and every question
your myriad forms get depicted   in isolation

embodiment's prison   while public   feels deeply private
each solitude cell seems a study   in isolation

where Raphael's thirsting for knowledge   the clouds drift distant
his garden has not been neglected   in isolation

the impulse to love is implicit   in every valley
we live below mountains impacted   in isolation

should Raphael die from his pining   a lonesome stranger
please title his volume "collected   in isolation"