Thursday, October 25, 2007

ghazal ("only for your ear")

No one hears me!   what if I wait   only for your ear?
I came early!   what if I'm late   only for your ear?

jewel! speak truly   isn't it you   somebody mentioned?
something pearly   might lie in wait   only for your ear

from dim twilight   weren't my ears   sharp & attentive?
dawn soft-girly   eve dark-sedate   only for your ear

phoenix hairpins   could be procured   passing through China
are you curly?   is your hair straight?   only for your ear

through the window   leisurely gait!   languid illusion
through the night   a'droop at my gate   only for your ear

hello stranger!   nice to see you!   how was your journey?
put your feet up!   (ancienet soul-mate!)   only for your ear

some who sit here   seem half-familiar   with the pathetic
thoughts come swirly   feelings florate   only for your ear

mocking smiles   pitying eyes   brush off your dumb poem
Raphael!   I've polished a blind date   only for your ear

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