Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ghazal ("a special form of losing")

You chose me for   a special for of losing
my face is calm   my heart's a storm of losing

I entered college   like the average fellow
but lived like Kafka   in a dorm of losing

I'm getting now   the hang   of conversation
I'm gaining ground   & growing warm   in losing

a hundred voices chatter   bright & blithely
a thousand actions   feel the karm   of losing

I wander parks of greenery   & babble
where golden leaves   the lawn adorn   in losing

the afternoon is bland   the moment lingers
the tissue of the hour is torn   in losing

the sould is never lost   but in its sojourn
it wildly veers   to keep the norm of losing

the game goes on   and to Raphael's credit
his poetry   regains the form of losing

(for Chitra Mudgal)

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