Friday, October 19, 2007

ghazal ("how poetry operates")

I've lately been struggling to see   how poetry operates
observe   in a company of three   how poetry operates

when she you feel powerless to seek   embodies the soul's ideal
engage   intermediarily   how poetry operates

in language   the energy lies where?   why wax theoretical?
locked in   show by groping for the key   how poetry operates

the trill of the songbird deconstructs   its golden captivity
by dreaming   the prisoner might free   how poetry operates

how song is the shimmer of the dream   implies through the vertical
(through A   shines a glimmering of Z)   how poetry operates

is hazard   endemic to the road   of artistry's pilgrimage?
what scholar   can glibly guarantee   how poetry operates?

we stew in our superficial brew   till she deigns to fish us out
transforming like wine   or else like brie   how poetry operates

the play of the generous   is glimpsed in language's labyrinth
you smuggle   through coverings of me   how poetry operates

some poets grow terribly intrigued with   cosmic conspiracy
some lean   feel the gravity   & ski!   how poetry operates

the point of society involves   the beauty of courtesy
in archways of solitude we see   how poetry operates

when begging the operator for   your telephone numeral
she whispers   "ask zero one two three   how poetry operates!"

I'd love to hear Raphael expound   his muddled philosophy
mud shows   longing for the wide sea   how poetry operates

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