Wednesday, July 11, 2007

why   [ghazal]

None will unwrap the reason   why we come & go
all will presume the season   why we come & go

does the drama begin mid-sentence?   lend me a basket
flower-like let's place these in   why we come & go

the objective of the exercise   of the universe
gradually one sees in   why we come & go

every death is circumstantial   noted the naturalist
reason has room to sneeze in   why we come & go

the beloved existed before the lover discerned her
soon there was space to squeeze in   why we come & go

when you glimpse her face from the balcony   do you recognize
dream as a game to tease in?   why we come & go

wine is a gift   the foolish boistrously gargle
often they leave the lees in   why we come & go

don't ask Raphael to survey philosophy's quandary
every dilemma he's in   why we come & go

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