Monday, July 30, 2007

dark codes

What foot will stand alone?   every face is connected in a hundred ways
each erroneous jewel   sharp friends have corrected in a hundred ways

if the atlas of earth gets revised every century   mightn't tomorrow
yon brine arouse surprise?   who'd such islands suspected in a hundred ways?

when faults are well-established   blind habit's sore knees bump such similar chairs!
each surface of the form   in the end gets detected in a hundred ways

are our love-declarations   dark codes sightless bats will emit amid daylight?
each putative beloved   soon self-de-selected in a hundred ways?

the poetry's reflection   is the pool held in view when defeat is apparent
sheer cautzpah can achieve   what was never expected in a hundred ways

in what north shines a star   whose fond gaze for Ardeo beams pure & extant?
each aspirant to song   grievous labor perfected in a hundred ways

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