Thursday, July 5, 2007

ghazal ("Our freedom")

Our freedom   is the illusion   that we nurture
we find it   in the confusion   that we nurture

everyone seeks   your blessings of abundance
from you flows all the profusion   that we nurture

the membrane of the collective   is omnipresent
regardless of the seclusion   that we nurture

what if we feel the stinginess   of existence?
you counter with the effusion   that we nurture

when taking steps to immerse in baptismal rivers
one wonders at the pollution   that we nurture

detachment   comes as the fruit of maturation
no matter what be the passion   that we nurture

we but pay mind to how   the rivulet burbles
who dreams it could be an ocean   that we nurture?

we're helpless   here in the circus of your gameshow
we founder in the delusion   that we nurture

let Raphael persist   in praising your premise
unknowing yet the conclusion   that we nurture

written 1-4 July
(in Bhopal, Delhi, Bombay)


Rajiv said...

This is the best, This is top class, It transforms English as if it was made for Ghazals.

This is mastery, we nurture, but it comes

David Raphael Israel said...

You are entirely too kind, Sir.
For which, thanks.