Tuesday, July 17, 2007

blogspotting from China

There is a peculiarity about blogging via Blogspot while located in China.

It can be summarived this way: I can post, but am unable to read blogs! (including my own).

Why? (you may ask) In China, the main form of internet censorship (so far as I'm aware) inovolves some system of screening out certain URLs. Far as I can tell, no blogspot web-page is accessable here. However, the BLOGGER interface IS accessible!

And from the latter, I can both post to my blog, and can also (and now I come to the point of this note) see if / when any COMMENT has been appended to any of my posts. But . . . even though I can (for instance, right now) notice that there is one comment appended to my latest poem posted, I cannot read the comment!

ERGO -- anyone posting a comment to my blog (which you're welcome to do; in cases where I feel like not having comments to a particular post, I'll de-select the option to accept comments to that post -- but generally, I'm happy to have 'em), is hereby invited (if you're so inclined) to email me a copy of the comment. In this way, I could have option of posting-to-blog a "reply" to your comment (or, if this becomes too complex, could send a reply via email -- will see).

My email address is:
davidrisrael AT gmail DOT com

your 'umble servant,
[first posted on 14 July]

ps -- I now see there have been 3 comments on this blog since I've arrived in China. I'm not able to read any of them, nor do I have a way of seeing who posted them. Commenters! kindly note the abive request.

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