Thursday, July 26, 2007

ghazal ("This rose")

Again   the olden equation   tells its terms
as baffled interpretation   spells its terms

you've wandered   into a tower   you fail to parse?
the moment's fell indication   knells its terms

some say   the conqueror wills   what word remains
his war-cry's deep penetration   fells its terms

yes friends   can conjure a wall dubbed   making friends
who'll buy such scholars' half-bake as   sells its terms?

this rose   would never desire the bulbul's blues?
the thorn's blood-spangled elation   smells its terms

if love   perchance were the word   my flame had lost
she'd find   my gellid creation   gells its terms

Ardeo's poem was cast in   midnight's sea
what morning might he awake to   quell its terms?

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