Saturday, August 4, 2007

a royal music

As Saturday traffic   through morn's window sounds
my Friday's travels   amid near-memory settle
I observed Dashanzi   & wandered the hutangs
do I seek to construct a lotus   petal-by-petal?
when surbahar sitar   & dhrupad come here
autumnal evenings   different for Beijing
new ears will heed   tattoos of an olden drum here
a royal music   friends will be glad to bring


Quizine said...

you must have seen the best minds of your generation destroyed by madness and roamed around city lights bookstore .Surprised that you spend so much time in India when it's breeding mediocrity and consumerism :) What brings you here ? Wonderful Blogs you got though i ain't nothing of a poet

David Raphael Israel said...

Well I have, at any rate, roamed around City Lights Bookstore. By "here," I presume you mean -- what brings me to India? Most lately, the study of Indian classical music. If one should avoid a country due to objections to some aspect of its cultural development, what country then might be deemed beyond all possible objection? Perhaps the moon?
Pardon so late in response -- while in China (i.e., till today), I was not able properly to access my own blog! -- hence, unable to see, let alone reply to, any comments on blog!