Thursday, August 9, 2007

ghazal ("in the empty space")

Scrawling poetry on the paper's face?   it's insufficient
till you burn a hole in the empty space   it's insufficient

love's intensity is India ink   but what of error?
save with zeal you mark   and more zeal erase   it's insufficient

when you play the raag   must you lose one note to enjoy the next?
till your world is everything that's the case   it's insufficient

loving friends & strangers equally can seem strange my friend
life's devotion toward idle sportive chase   is insufficient

who is friend and who is foe?   every friend were a foe afore
till the gamut has been transformed   the bass is insufficient

when Ardeo travelled to China   did his saranghi weep?
till in Ritan Park he can find his place   it's insufficient

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