Thursday, August 23, 2007

ghazal ("many lives")

Every city is a mass   of many lives
every soul a deep morass   of many lives

who could track all the trajectories on the highway?
speeding down the underpass   of many lives

lease a house or rent a studio!   find a job here
rush to school attending class   of many lives

might we pause amid the flow of time & traffic
in the heart wells the alas   of many lives

one must live somewhere   both east & west could claim me
I'm a cricket in the grass   of many lives

Raphael grows vague   uncertain how the game goes
wisdom's stone gells from the gas   of many lives

I'm a fish without its river!   hence my trouble
search for water must the bass   of many lives

that you deign to take in me a kindly interest
cheers along this plodding ass   of many lives

Son of Vayu! in the heart   show bright solution!
bring to glint devotion's glass   of many lives

still I dangle from the thread of strange confusion?
where's the eye the camels pass   of many lives?

brightly ask   what cup makes Raphael so ponderous
see how dark's the demitasse   of many lives?

Son of Vayu: an epithet for the mythic deity Hanuman (who epitomizes the perfection of devotion in action)

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