Thursday, August 30, 2007

ghazal ("the fragile promise")

The open road awaits   it seems
some hand's unbarred the gates   it seems

they hide obscurely   what to do?
we seek absurd playmates   it seems

the assembly-line's not churning out
glib manufactured fates   it seems

the body's stroll down moonlit lanes
the soul anticipates   it seems

as often he destruction wreaks
so often he creates   it seems

the constancy of loving you
begins in fits & spates   it seems

ironic when   abiding loves
comes camouflaged in hates   it seems

the pearl of wisdom's out of reach
where sold at market rates   it seems

past actions' fruit   when it appears
arrives in myriad crates   it seems

when summer's drawing toward its leave
it limns unwonted states   it seems

the fragile promise dawn once draped
re-furls when evening lates   it seems

if happiness Ardeo seeks
he'll lade the China plates   it seems

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