Wednesday, August 22, 2007

After Kaifi Azmi ("tears have come")   [ghazal transcreation]

When those days I recollect   what tears have come
since a smile I could reflect   what years have come

at every footfall   still backward my gaze turns
in the place where we'd connect   what cares have come

life continues   through this blanketing of pain
to the heart I should protect   what snares have come

in the heart's fine nerves   verging on devastation
in an unbearable respect   what tears have come


Aaj Socha (Hanste Zakhm, 1973, Kaifi Azmi)

Aaj sochaa to aansoo bhar aaye
muddate ho gayee muskuraye

har kadam par udhar mud ke dekhaa
unakee mahafil se hum uthh to aaye

rah gayee zindagee dard ban ke
dard dil mein chhupaaye chhupaaye

dil kee naajuk rage tootatee hain
yaad itanaa bhee koee naa aaye


Thanks to N. Madhavan, as well as to Gazala Raza and Mahendra Rathod, for their translations that allow and help me to attempt this; see this Caferati thread.

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Cyrus said...

Searched everywhere for a translation of this haunting song last year. Finally it has come.