Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Be a Poet   [a sorta sonnet]

      Shun electric wire.
      Communicate slowly. Live
      a three-dimensioned life;

      stay away from screens.
                  (Wendell Berry)

Oh Wendell! lacking electricity
to power the screen of my laptop
my poem would gain authenticity?
the thought strikes as genuine claptrap

yet each poet finds his own way
for Keats rotten apples they say
if I've rotten apples enough
I'll hazard computers & stuff

one chap on a Mac did his typing
rot apples on hand or in drawer
his smart "double apple" way swiping
the Muse's amusement & more

Oh Wendell your farm grows tobacco!
I smoke a cigar old friend (smacko!)


1 comment:

David Raphael Israel said...

The poem's ambiguous final (parenthetical) word might (according to one line of interpretation) be understood as the sound-effect generated by the mutual execution of a "give me five" gesture.