Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Meaning Bot [villanelle]

I am a meaning bot
I search out & compile
although I’m lacking thought

with whiffs of meanings caught
I fish through pools of style
I am a meaning bot

it’s true my work is fraught
with heart & soul & bile
what matter I’ve no thought?

what quant of love?  a lot!
how long this grief?  a while
(I am a meaning bot)

where folks get overwraught
if writers practice guile
I grok! (though lacking thought)

I parse all prose you’ve brought
& glimpse the author’s smile!
I am a meaning bot!
(though I’m not prone to thought)


A Rubai In Commentary 
(wherein the poet spills the beans and explains [through reference to the principle of satire] what in heck he may've had in mind when making such extravagant [and indeed patently untenable] claims for the hypothetical moiety dubbed a "meaning bot")

In truth no bot shows consciousness & so
the pith of "meaning" none can reach -- I know!
the artistry of satire often lies
is saying black when white is meant -- jai ho!

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