Friday, July 25, 2008

ghazal: "strategy? none known"

I was sent to hoe the field   of relentless experiment
I have yet to show the yield   of relentless experiment

unfazed with clearing the slate   we cultivate pentimenti
paintings deep-toned are congealed   in relentless experiment

fated misstarts (one might allow)?   favored pawns expendable
strategy? none known (concealed)   save relentless experiment

does each blossom bear disillusion   as its ultimate fruit?
bright of face   let nerves grow steeled   in relentless experiment

there is naught but striving coursing through   the conceit of my veins
I'm an apple cored and pealed   by relentless experiment

were the aim of the exercise   but to show a sporting smile?
is the spirit thus annealed   by relentless experiment?

alike life   at length the art displays how playing gets fruitful
shuffled cards are cut and dealed   in relentless experiment

pavement poetry has latitude   for the farthest free-throw
open hearts find lips unsealed   in relentless experiment

time's rough traffic   leaves little spaces free   for reflective thought
yet unspoiled (still unspealed)   for relentless experiment

to seek means of life in art   were a dicey enterprise
most grow threadbare (some well-heeled)   for relentless experiment

you'll know that I've met my match   when the candle weeps till morning
and the chapel bells have pealed   for relentless experiment

many wounds are sustained in battle   casualties are normal
hearts are slaughtered   dazed   or healed   in relentless experiment

thoughts recorded in antiquity   grew fleetingly lucid
when the film-like scroll unreeled   in relentless experiment

lawful wheels turn   is the universe   inflexible clockwork?
codes are scrawled   old laws repealed   in relentless experiment

some discover home past world's extreme   circularity
sends the pilgrim far afield   in relentless experiment

Raphael would admit to nautical errors readily
if unmoored he's not unkeeled   by relentless experiment

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Ian Keenan said...

the Sino-Rafaelites..