Thursday, July 24, 2008

ghazal: "each atom and breath"

The significance of a life   if hard to find
                                                      when called into question
the whole tangled-up ball of yarn   might yet unwind
                                                      when called into question

in a veil of mist remains   the reason why
                                                the drama proved tragic
or comedically toned   or both of these combined
                                                when called into question

if the error were mine   repentance wasn't lacking
                                                                while if the reason
lay deep in the script   could you please hit rewind
                                                when called into question?

there are limits to everything!   could you allow
                                                            the purpose of living?
do loquacious philosophers   turn mute and blind
                                                  when called into question?

one remembers the story   mainly in its drift
                                                                          so many details!
could each atom and breath convey   one loving mind
                                                      when called into question?

every morning sweet birds disclosed   the line that kept
                                                                    eluding my notebook
every evening pert stars returned   were they assigned
                                                        when called into question?

the old myths barely lingered   who could now explain
                                                              their signification?
under cypress and pine not one   late sage repined
                                                  when called into question

if the prison of life demands   a lengthy stay
                                                          or but a brief tenure
do they finally explain   why you were thus confined
                                                  when called into question?

every language is learned   by hearing daily sounds
                                                  perhaps it's the same here
could the terms of engagement   be cogently defined
                                                  when called into question?

although buses and cars wax lyric   I remain
                                                              a skeptical camper
are all campfire tales   comprised of tawdry twine
                                                  when called into question?

whether fast spin the wheel   or slow   is not the thing
                                                  that wrinkles my forehead
but what rankles me   is the absence of sure sign
                                                  when called into question

is the fabric of trust   thin gossamer or thick?
                                                          lives hinge on this issue
though I've yet to observe   life's ground gets undermined
                                                  when called into question

when the Buddha said emptiness   the Psalmist sang
                                                  my cup runneth over
isn't emptiness everything   words fail to find
                                                  when called into question?

the condition that Raphael   desired to place
                                                              was easy to locate
he was hoping to know a heart   completely kind
                                                when called into question

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