Sunday, July 20, 2008

ghazal: "diplomacy's courtesy"

Responsibility must presume   a rational universe
though harboring   miracle or doom   a rational universe

what fine line exists between flexibility   and surrender?
who could gainsay how loss might fine-tune   a rational universe?

where you hold every card   we cherish diplomacy's courtesy
it's fools or inebriates who croon   "a rational universe!"

the more tortuous the slipknot   the more we're in awe of the art
philosophers but rarely buffoon   a rational universe

who flees from the sun takes a loony road   toward brilliance
night's contour necessitates a moon   a rational universe

we lately desire to think of you day and night   belov├Ęd
December long contemplates June   a rational universe

no   Raphael isn't immune to the sway   of your decency
he delights in (like many a loon)   a rational universe

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