Thursday, August 7, 2008

ghazal: "the facade of freedom"

What brought us   to this condition   is hard to say
who frames   each fated decision   is hard to say

the facade of freedom   waves   its alluring cape
dream-like?   or like a collision?   it's hard to say

do the atoms dance?   or weep?   lend me a candle!
would more light   change our position?   it's hard to say

in classical forms   every move   is measured
nameless!   is that for concision?   it's hard to say

as the doctor pronounced   his grim   diagnosis
what tipped the scale toward remission?   it's hard to say

none explain   who keeps dispatching antique postcards
if postmen have a suspicion   it's hard to say

as we bow   to kiss your feet   in infinite thought
what makes love   etch its incision?   it's hard to say

it all seemed a game!   even now   when we're losing
can pure love   realize its mission?   it's hard to say

on the chessboard   of my existence   only you
can foresee all   such an ocean   is hard to say

we don't vanish   though we long for   nonexistence
what's the point   of the mortician?   it's hard to say

every day brings   fresh pictures   of the beloved
can a postcard   serve for admission?   it's hard to say

admit that you love me!   although you seem cruel
can I extract   recognition?   it's hard to say

what we find   begs explanation   but what story
lends the world   perfect definition?   it's hard to say

the looking-glass of my mind   resolves to see you
can sheer hope   aim with precision?   it's hard to say

revolution of the globe   is it transient
or sans end?   how this division?   it's hard to say

what if Raphael   should become   a real poet?
can blind men   open bright vision?   it's hard to say

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