Tuesday, June 28, 2011

13 Ways of Looking at Happy Birthday [song]

Happy Birthday to you
life though fleet -- you're not through
even if time's an illusion
there is a lot here to do!

Happy birthday to thou
there is no time like now
may your days pass in wonder
at the great cosmic wow

Happy birthday my friend
heed the prayer I have penned
filled with thanks for life’s blessings
may your joy find no end

Happy birthday old chum
lest you deem our song dumb
we’ve a few humble presents
may they not prove ho-hum

Happy birthday you nerd
do you feel life’s absurd?
from philosophy’s vantage
what is gold? what is turd?

Happy birthday young dreamer
we’re aware you’re a schemer
when time’s joke is discovered
we heartell it’s a screamer

Happy birthday old-timer
are you a social climber?
in society’s structure
is there room for a rhymer?

Happy birthday mine sweet
this is not Easy Street
amid struggle we’ll snuggle
can’t you hear my heartbeat?

Happy birthday ascetic
am I being poetic
when I offer you cookies
claiming they’re dietetic?

Happy birthday great Om
you're all life’s hidden loam
every day is your birthday
every heart is your home

Happy birthday Nirvana
I will meet you maƱana
in the meanwhile I’m going
to enjoy a warm sauna

Happy birthday little baby
do we love you? more than maybe
in the playground of existence
may delightful all your play be

Happy birthday impersonal city
you are exciting but it’s a pity
I’ve not more friends in your goodly precinct
who recognize when I’m being witty


Ishqa said...

This is brilliant - so many ways of looking at a birthday. Thank you, my friend :)

zu said...

I love these .. No. 5 might be my fave .. a lot like the Nothing and the Everything prayer Baba started for Bhau.

David Raphael Israel said...

Belated thanks, Ishqa & Zuey!

Well noted, Zu, regarding the literary antecedent (as might be said in some circles) in the poem "You Alone Exist".