Tuesday, May 29, 2007

d.r.i. -- public art activities

In a possibly belated effort to construct something ostensibly resembling an art carerer, I'm here inscribing a semi-conventional resume-record of my public art activities.

This doesn't include my arts-journalism of the 1980s (nor video documentation & experimenttatation of the past decade that has yet to see official light of day; etc.) It covers such art shows, performances, and poetry publications as I recall. (In the present version, I'm not including online publications, only print.)


My exhibition history is brief and obscure:

- Sequence of semi-annual group shows (spring and fall) at 52 O Street Studios (Washington, DC) (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) [nudes / oil paintings] See: The Tuesday Night Group.
- Video scenography (for multimedia theatre), at The Writers' Center (Bethesda, Maryland) [video sequences projected on two screens], in collaboration with theatre director Naoko Maeshiba (2003)
- Video installation at Dance Place (Washington, DC) [creative documentation of Noh-in-English performance, adaptation of the W.B. Yeats play At The Hawk's Well], in collaboration with theatre director Richard Emmert (2002)
- "Digital Haiku" (sequence of 8 one-minute video works), seen online as part of a year-long international, group video project launched by filmmaker Jon Jost (2002); (group work also shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam)
- piano / percussion / vocal performance in collaboration with choreographer Maida Withers, in the first International Improvisation Festival (Washington, DC) (1995)
- Group show at The Green Dragon Art Gallery (Santa Barbara, California) [poetry-related oil paintings -- incorporating text from poet John Ashbery] in conjunction with Poetry Festival (1993) Also vocalised (recitation and singing) in outdoor performance at the festival, in collaboration with choreographer Robin Bisio
- Two large-scale metallic oilpainting canvases (approx. 14 feet and 7 feet in length, 5 feet in height), used in set design for beach performance choreographed by Robin Bisio, in Outdoor Dance Festival (Santa Barbara, California) (1990)
- 40 second performance (movement & poem) at Performance Space 122 (New York) (1990)
- 3-minute silent film seen at Dancespace Project, St. Marks Church (New York), in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Karin Levitas (1989)

Poetry publications include:

- poems in OCHO #1, OCHO #6 and OCHO #7, Didi Menendez, editor/publisher (Miami, Florida) (2006)
- four poems in the anthology, Ravishing DisUnities: Real Ghazals in English, Agha Shahid Ali, editor (Wesleyan University Press) (2000)
- poem in Wool Gatherers, An Anthology of Poetry, Rachel Dacus et al., editors (Small Press, Concord, CA) (1999)
- poem in The Poetry of Roses, Carolyn Parker, editor & photographer (Abrahms, New York) (1995)
- poems in the downtown New York literary journal Tamarind (in more than a dozen issues, approx. 1992-1995)
- poem in Remembering Ray: A Composite Biography of Raymond Carver, William L. Stull and Maureen P. Carroll, editors (Capra Press, Santa Barbara) (1992)

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