Monday, May 21, 2007

after Kirwani

This blog is a successor to my earlier blog, called Kirwani.

I've not posted to the latter since last December. I felt inclined to post to it this morning, and discovered some confusion about passowords etc. This seemed good enough impetus to start a new blog (which I'd been somewhat minded to do anyway, since some while).

Apologies to friends and infobhan acquaintances for the long "vitual absence." My realworld move to Bhopal, India, from Washington, DC -- almost six months ago -- occasioned a kind of lifestyle change in which I've been more engaged in the non-virtual universe. A thing one could recommend. In the year or so preceding that move (coterminous with the life if the Kirwani blog), I was ultimately somewhat ODing on online existence. The balance can be variously struck -- hence, here's a new swing in the balance game.

Or: the imperatives or possibilities of writing finally encourage some return to a nicely pliant and convenient medium . . . so here I am again.

Will explain the new blog title (and explore varied other matters) in subsequent postings.

Hat tips from Bhopal,

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