Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Gadgeted Society [a sonnet]

"Best tea online" reads an ad
yet one cannot drink cyber-tea!
for drinking or peeing we've had
to keep some physicality

computers & Saraswati!
how deep runs the link 'twixt the twain?
mankind's on an electric spree
that principally boggles the brain

at five in the morn I hear sirens
aha! there's a non-cyber sphere!
for wrinkles some still may use irons
for drinking some yet may use beer

plugged in & online but we're who?
we haven't computed a clue!

1 comment:

David Raphael Israel said...

Originally, the concluding couplet read:

Plugged in & online but we're who?
this needs further cyber-review

A friend made a comment about not having a clue -- and I latched onto the new rhyme-word, revising the poem's final line accordingly.