Monday, March 24, 2014

Geek Sublime [ghazal]

They mention you've lately published Geek Sublime?
so long as it isn't penned in Greek     sublime

if function derives from form  form's sourced in grace
soul's swan gobbles worms alive    by beak sublime

what's under the veil?   brain-scrambling conceits
O rasik!  hey kavi!      take a peek sublime

when Hanuman jumped to Lanka  in one bound
he glimpsed in the grove  a fabled cheek sublime

they argued out Krishna's theft of butter    so
was Mohan a glutton?   or a sneak sublime?

with smackers long-sealed  silence festers suspense
the sequel would be  (if he should speak)  sublime

in cyber-epochs   the poets morph to sculptors
to typo is human   but to tweak  sublime

in irony's circus    things turn topsy-turvy
the beauty is gruesome    & the freak sublime

the sarangi's cry derived from one's own guts is
regardless if carved from tum or teak    sublime

when Gautam beneath a tree gave wordless teaching
the lotus he raised      showed the antique sublime

where feelings  in coded gestures  are perfected
her relish is bracing     & her pique  sublime

should Amazon drop your tome by drone we'd deem this
(in span of an hour & not a week) sublime

Earth's heirs are i.d.'d by trait   in lieu of surname
Yeshu augured     blessèd are the meek sublime

does loving derive from distance more than nearness?
what's found is banal    but what we seek  sublime

I'll grant Raphael's no Sanskritist   but dig this!
plainchanting the T.O.C. of Geek Sublime


for Vikram Chandra

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