Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: first verses

Blithe Balderdash (in a sequence of 7 rhythms)


Yan can cook
  & Yu can fish

man can hook
  & spoon can dish

foot could run
  & time might fly
storm may stun
  but tongue won't lie


in the pitter-patter
  of the falling of the rain
if the droplets splatter
  is there any loss or gain?

in the rolly-polly
  of the tumble of the rocks
is the mountain wholly
  but a panoply of shocks?


only the parrot
  can parse what the pear
mused to the carrot
  in love & despair

 only the lonely
  discover in words
how they are only
  an extract of birds


"zoom!"   uttered the car
  "whoosh!"   answered the gust
"whom?"   wondered the star
   "naught"   muttered the dust


the leaf of the page    was wondering blankly
if grieving & rage    were blundering frankly

but when the caboose  was unloosed from the train
both curse & excuse  were washed clean down the drain


all   that's left    in silence?
hints   of rose   & violins


where's   the doormat   that spells out   "home"?
there   feet rat-tat   while heart shouts   "Om!"


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